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An old hand, along with the young face, does not look like the perfect match. In order to get your younger looking hand, you have to go for the Fat Transfer to Hands in Punjab. In this, the fat is introduced on the top of the hand. This procedure is involving the removal of the living tissue present in certain parts of the body and then place it wherever required. There are several steps involved in this technique. You have to choose the reputable clinic for taking this treatment. For choosing this, you have to research a lot and get the perfect one which suits your budget. If you want to know more about this, then keep on reading the upcoming section.

How does this treatment work?

This treatment removes the living tissues using the liposuction method and then it is placed in the new area wherever it required. It is considered to be one of the effective techniques for getting a youthful appearance. It gives certain benefits includes,

  • It helps in restoring the fullness of the top of the hand
  • It helps to get the plumping in the hollow areas
  • It eliminates the thinning skin appearance
  • Grafting procedure for the inclusion of fat

This procedure involves two major steps. The first one is to harvest the fat and the second involves injecting it into your hands. Most of the people are choosing this because it is one of the great ways to in order to achieve hand rejuvenation. And the result you are getting by this treatment will also last long. You will be able to get the natural as well as soft-looking hands. One of the common and effective methods is that fractional laser treatment.

How to prepare you for this treatment?

If you are deciding to take this treatment in the reputed clinic, the first and foremost thing is to consult the cosmetic surgeon. It is also important to discuss your previous medical history with them. During the consultation time, they will ask you about your expectations, risk as well as the result of the procedure. And you should also tell about if you have any chronic medical illness, or you are having any smoking habit and a lot more. Pay attention to the clinic that is using the latest technology and tools for the treatment. If you want to know about the best clinic, get the recommendations from your friends and family.

What to do after the surgery?

After getting the treatment, your hand will feel the swollen and tender. Doctors are recommending applying the ice on the donor area. You should stay out of the sun, and you have to keep your hands clean as well. It is a must to follow the post-care instruction given in the clinic. It includes taking the antibiotics, wearing comfortable garments and so on. In order to get the perfect result, you need to consider visiting Fat Transfer to Hands in Punjab. So, without hesitation, get your appointment and get treated.

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