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What to Expect When in Hargeisa

This world is a true wonder, we cannot just be thankful enough for what we have today. With an optimistic point of view travelers, all around the world make superficial decisions (in eyes of society) but in truth, they just want to explore every nook and corner of the world. 

With lots of places to travel, people sometimes experience difficult journeys and are often left disappointed merely because “they didn’t know what to think of it” or simply because “they assumed things would happen in a certain way”.

 After every cloudy day comes a sunny day.

Why Africa? 

Africa with a legacy of its own is a world marvel. People do love to travel and explore the modern and cultural cities, escape nights and much more. A lot of travelers will visit Madagascar, Sahara desert, Egyptian pyramids and such. But there are still several places that are pretty low in the tourism industry. 

The reason is that even the media influences people behind the decisions which place to travel or not to travel. 

If so, then why not take influence from those travelers who are enthusiastic about their experiences? 

It may sound skeptical about what places can be so beautiful that everyone rams about. Africa is hot and wild, yes true but it’s also home to a diverse population and is popular for its exotic landscapes and beauty. Such is the land of Somalia. 

Eastern land stands upon its history

Somalia is situated in the east of Africa with a long red marred history in its pages. When you book a cheap flight to Hargeisa, keep it in mind to learn a lot about the country and its cities. Somalia is an unprecedented country unlike its neighboring countries but African culture has a strong influence. 

There are some things to remember by when you plan a visit to Hargeisa:

1: It’s the capital 

Hargeisa plays the role of the capital and largest city of Somalia. The capital city is always the favorite and pampered city of all. Situated in a valley, it is a historical hub and pertains to the value of pearl for the country. 

Located in northwestern Somalia, it is a red flag for known history and series of wars. But fear not, despite the old news, Hargeisa has maintained goodwill of its own. Being a capital to the self-declared state, a new independent government was formed. Since the formation of the new government, peace has made its home here for the last two decades. 

2: The economy 

If it’s a capital city, it is automatically expected that the industrial revolution comes with it. But that’s not always the case. In terms of industries, the most noteworthy industries are related to construction, mining, trading and retail services. 

Surprisingly, there is no stock market here. Hence, it’s a long due factor that has increased poverty here, but in fact, another reason why the country is so cheap also. When you are planning to make your trip to Somalia, and take a cheap flight to Hargeisa, you will realize that a lack of certain things may work out in your favor. However, a local stock market is in the works.

3: Convenient tours

Hargeisa is a labyrinth of dust-choked roads and expansive land. However, a cheap currency also means low expenses on your travelling. 

You can easily make plans to take a detailed tour of the city. Cheap taxis can be found with much ease outside bus stops local markets and buses are scheduled taking in-routes. Taxis usually are metered, so you will not have to wait for long for road transport. Even if you are unable to find a taxi (which is extremely rare) someone will be more than happy to help a foreign traveler and give him a ride in the passenger seat of their car. 

4: Smart hotel

When you have destinations like the Maldives or Caribbean islands in your list of top destinations Somalia doesn’t even come close to it. There is a restricted variety of hotels to choose from. 

Most people who do visit these lands are backpackers, academics, aid workers, prospectors or developers trying to invest or volunteer. 

Therefore, most hotels in proximity are Maan-Soor with security and attentively keen staff for long-term guests. Staff are quick to please guests and arrange for anything you could want. 

So you will have no trouble booking a room in advance. 

5: Telecom is a success

One of the thriving industries is telecom. The market is free, with fewer or no restrictions, making it a foolproof idea to invest and entrepreneurs have found their way to assemble cheap cell phones, and sell them. 

In comparison to other countries, Somalia does have the lowest data and international call rates! So that’s a huge plus for those who indeed travel here. Signal strength is strong whether you are standing in an urban or rural area, you can make a call with a good connection. So as a traveler who loves to blogs or wants to keep posting about the latest seasons despite taking a holiday, it’s a good bonus to add in the list of reasons to visit Hargeisa. 

6: Cash services 

People have switched to e-payments with the facilities of online payments and swishing a card at the counter. However, a country that has no stock market, those cards are pretty useless here. Using the traditional way to pay your way, bring the greens!

Keeping cash is a good idea when the nation hasn’t developed a global financial system. And besides that, using cash is much safer as you don’t have to keep tabs on where you spent the money and so on. 

ATM’s are not that accessible and still if you manage to use one, it’s not safe as tourists are prone to become theft victims. However, do keep in mind that there are a good number of charges at several points of entry or exists, security fees and such employing which you are always handing over shillings and cash. 


If you do some of the key points in mind, there are always lesser chances for you to be disappointed. Always be prepared for your trips in advance. Enjoy your holidays!

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