Whether you are organizing an event or a wedding, it’s necessary to put effort into making the first impression the best one! Even if you have a business like residential or commercial plotting, you need to make your customers or guests feel comfortable from the time they drive to your venue. One of the things that matter here is the parking system that you have! And to bring stardust to your event or business, a self-valet parking is the best!

However, finding the right company that provides all the solutions for self-valet parking is a challenge. But worry not, here is a guide to look for the features of the services that the company offers when you start to search for the best self valet parking service provider. But before we start, it is vital for the event planner or the business owner to do some research and find the one that best matches your aspirations and expectations. One can also go through the reviews one sees online about the particular company, or you can even speak to the people who have already used the services before.

Companies like CVPS offer services such as Stadium Valet Self Parking Kiosks and are in the driving seat when it comes to valet services. One should look for companies that are long in the industry of valet parking services and have numerous clients that are satisfied and happy. Valet self-parking adds up a certain degree of grandeur to the business or the event one is planning. Valet parking has its own advantages as the guests or the customers do not have to worry about parking their cars or finding a spot that is nearer to the venue.

It is essential to know the features of the services any company offers before you hire one. Luxury self valet parking solutions are provided by companies that cater to the parking needs fully. Valets stack-park the vehicles and use the area efficiently to optimize the space and bring comfort.

There is a list of various Self Parking Valet System companies that adds sophistication to the event or the venue. To choose the company that best flatters your event, the following are the features one should always look for in the company before hiring.

1: Insured valet service provider is a must

The involvement of cars always has the risks of accidents or incidents. However, if you choose a company that provides insurance to cover the damages, if any occurs to the vehicle is the best option. The liability insurance company will cover the damage to the car or even the people. It is always necessary to look for the company that is insured and compensate for the losses via their strong insurance policies. Getting ready for any mishap is the first step towards a successful event or business.

2: Hire a company that is reputed and verify its credentials beforehand

Either you are hiring the company for a one-time event or long term contract with the company for your business, you need to make sure that the firm you hire is highly reputed. If you hire any company without checking its credentials or reputation, it can become reckless while driving, which will result in developing your status as a negative one. It is necessary to look for reviews of the company online. One can also talk with their previous clients and ask for their experience with the company you are thinking of hiring.

3: Look for the technology the company uses

You need to check for the company and look into the details of the technologies they use for the self valet parking. For example, CVPS has a self valet parking system called Aria Series One. It has combined the well-known CVPS software backed up by Amano McGann. It offers reliable outdoor-rated enclosures, US-manufactured modular USB hardware components. It brings a flexible, dependable, and affordable parking management system to the market. It is also good looking. One should always focus on the technology to bring stardust to the service you are about to provide for your customers via the company you hire.

4: Look for the company if it really brings the luxury to your business or event

Self valet parking systems are always associated with high-end businesses or events. If you are a host or business owner, it is essential to make your customers or guests comfortable in every possible way. Companies that offer suave valets or self valet parking systems that are really efficient is significant for your business or event.

If you are hiring a valet parking service, then look for the drivers and ensure they dress well and pose well in front of your customers or guests. If you are hiring a self valet parking service or system, then it is essential to look for the features it has. Self valet parking system should have a proper booth with different options of paying the parking fee together with a good structure and interface.


If you feel that the above features are all positive for any company you decide to hire, then you are good to go. The company that has all the features mentioned above or services is definitely one of the best valet service providers. The self valet parking systems should be exemplary for the customer so that they can enjoy the lavish services to bring class to your business or event. Make sure you hire a company that has facilities that are refined and of high quality. Choosing the best valet parking services for your business is very important to impress your customers and bring revenue to your own company. Make sure the company is a five-star firm, reputed, customer-focused, and experienced in the industry of parking solutions. Valet parking service providers should put you first and fulfill all your expectations to make your business or event successful.