A sofa is not only the centre piece to the living room but also a necessary piece of furniture. It is where we relax and watch our favourite TV shows after a hard day at work. However, there is a wide variety of sofas available out there and the right sofa needs to match and reflect your individual style.

Does your new sofa need to be functional? Does it need to complement the existing interior décor? Or is comfort your main concern? As it can be quite a difficult task when wanting to buy a sofa in Melbourne that meet your needs, here are some handy tips to remember:

Does it need to be functional?

How are you planning on using your new sofa? How many people in your household will be using it? Many designer sofas are modern, which means they can offer a wide range of additional benefits. The sign of a high-quality and functional sofa is the accessories and convenience it can off. If you are always on your phone when relaxing on the couch, search for a sofa that has additional USB charging ports that are built-in or an electric head and footrest. Make sure it also has high-quality materials such as soft leather cushions or memory foam.

Is comfort the main concern?

When you go to buy a sofa in Melbourne, the level of comfort it can provide you is the main concern for many. However, it is very easy to forget about that when seeing a design that you fall in love with. Searching for a leading designer home furnishings store will ensure that you get the best of both worlds. Find out where their showroom is located and test out the sofa for yourself. You need to make sure that it is a lounge that will provide you with incredible comfort for the many years you will be enjoying it. There are many designer furniture stores online that specifically mention the comfort of their sofas. They will mention terms such as neck support, adjustable neck rests and high-quality materials like genuine category 60 leather.

What is your ideal size?

Do you know the measurements your new sofa needs to be in order to fit into the available living room space? This may seem like a very obvious question, but there is a big difference between knowing the exact dimensions and ‘having a rough idea’. Always make sure to measure the space where the sofa is going before you head out to a showroom. Be sure to accommodate the measurements in proportion to the size of the living room. A large sofa in a small living room will give off the vibe that the room is smaller than it really is. Ensure that you have enough room to freely move around the sofa.

Remember these tips when wanting to buy sofa Melbourne and you will discover the exact sofa that you’ve been longing for!