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If you do not know where to start when choosing your car tyres in Doha, do not be afraid, we will give you the best tips to get you right in your choice. Take note! In this little guide we will summarize, how it is and what each type of tyre is used for.

 Is the tyre size important?

The tyres have different sizes, so it is important to know what the specific size of our tyres is before choosing a model or another.
A fairly simple way of knowing such size dimensions is to check the label next to the fuel filler cap on the vehicle. A second way to find out this size is to look at the tyres, since as a general rule, these come with a serial number, accompanied by the letter R that refers to the radial.

How to choose the perfect type of tyre for your vehicle?

Knowing the tyre size that is needed for our vehicle, the task of choosing a type is much simpler. The main dilemma in this case would be the choice of a specific type such as summer tyres or high performance tyres among others.
If in doubt you can see how the vehicles around you do not carry the same type of tyres as yours, and therefore you will discover the wide variety of tyres on the market. If you still find it a difficult task, then we will detail each type.

What are winter tyres?

As the name implies, these types of tyres are those that are designed to adapt better to extreme low temperature situations. They are made with a special rubber that does not change in the cold, being in turn quite good in situations of ice and snow. To identify this type of tyres you just have to look closely at the drawing of these, they are usually snowflakes. If you are going to opt for this type of tyre it is advisable that you buy 4, since this way the braking and handling will be better.

Why use summer tyres?

Also called normal tyres, since it can be driven in all seasons, except in winter where it is more complicated. In general, tyres of this type are provided with a better grip on wet surfaces, such as summer rains. The material with which they are made is much softer than that of winter tyres, it is for this reason, that at temperatures below zero their grip is worse.

What are the differences between off-road tyres and mud tyres?

The first refers to a type of tyres that are usually larger, and are designed to tow or drag some object with enough weight. Your band code is A / T. As for the tyres for the mud, they are those that adapt to soft situations, such as mud and sand: its main advantage is that in situations of terrain with little grip its traction is great. However, on smooth surfaces they are usually noisy.

Here’re different types of tyres you need to know about;

Directional tires

This type of tread, with the arrow-shaped drawing, usually gives very good results on wet asphalt. However, it has an annoying tendency to wear forming saw teeth – especially in the rear axle – in cars with motor and front-wheel drive that are usually driven with an empty trunk. When degraded in this way, it produces an annoying buzz when rolling that is often confused with a bad bearing. If your vehicle has this type of mechanical distribution, I do not recommend them.

Asymmetric tires

The tread has two distinct zones; One part is directional and seeks to evacuate water well and the other, maximize the curved side grip. The directional part has the same wear described above, so I do not recommend them in cars with front-wheel drive and engine, especially if the rear axle is not independent multi-link.

Low friction coefficient tires

This type of tire is composed of a fairly rigid rubber that reduces the resistance to the advance and also the consumption. The tread pattern is also special. I only recommend it for utilitarian and low power models due to its limitations; lengthen the braking distances and in the wet its behavior is not optimal.

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