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The commercial janitorial services provider you pick makes a big difference in the quality of your workplace.

A consistent, quality commercial janitorial service will present a pristine appearance and create a healthier workplace. It shows your customers, visitors, and employees that you take pride in your facility and the work you do.

Organizations today are looking for any competitive edge they can find, such as more efficient operations, better training, and tools, and more productive team members.

While you may not immediately think of a commercial janitorial service as providing a competitive advantage, the benefits of working with the right office cleaning company can make a difference.

Commercial Janitorial Services Near Me

When you’re searching for commercial janitorial services near me, you should know what your competitors know. Don’t let them have any competitive advantage! Here are some of the things your competition knows about commercial janitorial services that you may not know.

It’s About More Than Just Keeping Your Facility Clean

The right commercial janitorial services provider can make a big difference in a variety of ways.

A Healthier Environment Is Better for Everyone

Indoor air quality is one of the leading causes of workplace health problems. The air inside a building can be up to 100 times dirtier than the air outside. The Environmental Protection Agency evens has a name for it. They call it Sick Building Syndrome. While many factors can contribute to poor indoor air quality, one of the most common is chemicals used in cleaning products.

Some commercial janitorial services providers use cheaper cleaning products to keep costs down. Unfortunately, these products can contain harmful chemicals that get disbursed into the air. Health problems from these cleaning agents may contain carcinogens or other chemicals that can trigger headaches, nausea, fatigue, eye and throat irritations, and aggravate breathing. A single exposure can be unsafe, but long-term exposure can cause serious problems.

Your competitors know it is important to work with a company that uses green cleaning products that avoid these potentially dangerous chemicals. It is also important that commercial janitorial services providers make training a priority for cleaning crews. Sadly, improper use of cleaning supplies accounts for a significant number of workplace accidents and fatalities each year.

The use of low-impact cleaning tools and processes can also minimize the spread of dirt and dust for a cleaner, healthier environment. Sustainable operations and supplies can help the environment and limit the amount of water and energy needed to do the job, which can help your energy bills.

This makes for a cleaner – and healthier environment – for your employees. It means fewer sick days, higher levels of productivity, fewer workplace injuries, and better employee retention.

A Quality Assurance Program Guarantees Consistency

Here’s something else your competitors know about commercial janitorial services. They know how to get consistent performance by working with a company that has a formal quality assurance (QA) program.

QA starts with training. Service providers should be formally trained on the proper techniques and best practices for providing commercial janitorial services. Then, there needs to be a system of checks and balances to ensure a consistent, high-quality work product.

The best commercial janitorial services will provide daily checklists and conduct quality assurance inspections. You should expect regular follow-ups from your provider to be sure you are satisfied with your service and that any service deficiencies are resolved promptly.

These practices are crucial for an industry that typically has a high amount of turnover. You shouldn’t have to worry about who is cleaning your facility or if the job is being done right. Your commercial janitorial services you pay for should always be completed to your satisfaction.

Combining Services Save Time and Money

Here’s another secret your competitors may know. Some commercial janitorial services providers offer additional services that can keep your business running efficiently.

Whether it is dealing with a problem with your plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or general “handyman” needs, their commercial janitorial service may be able to handle related services. This full-service approach reduces the number of vendors they must coordinate. They can work with one company that they already trust with their business and get one consolidated invoice for billing.

You Can Trust OpenWorks

OpenWorks’ professional cleaners use green clean supplies and low impact cleaning equipment and techniques. Our cleaning teams are fully trained in best practices and safety procedures. A robust quality assurance program ensures a quality clean every time. We also provide a variety of other services for all of your facility needs.

OpenWorks is a full-service commercial janitorial services company that will work hard not just to keep your office clean, but to improve the quality of your workplace.

Get an Estimate from OpenWorks and learn more about creating a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment.

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