The air conditioning system has been a standard addition to cars for several decades now. It started in 1939 when Packard released its first air-conditioned car model in the USA. Today, it’s near impossible to find a car model that does not come with a pre-installed AC.

For all modern car owners, it is imperative to keep an eye on the AC system. In case there are some defects in your car’s air conditioning in Newark, you must be able to recognise it at the earliest and get that fixed before it’s too late.

It’s crucial to recognise the symptoms that can help you realise whether it’s time to take your car for AC service.

Signs that say it’s time to check the air conditioning

  • Warm airflow: If you ever feel warm air being released from the vent, it is your signal to check out the thermostat. Ensure that it is switched to the cooling mode as well as set to a pretty low temperature. If it’s still blowing warm air, the compressor is most likely at fault.

  • Frequent cycles: Make sure that the air conditioning system undergoes cooling cycles following a regular interval. It is generally expected that the system would turn on frequently during summer. However, it should not turn on and off continuously. In case you notice such abnormalities, consult air conditioning service in Newark right away. A tune-up might be able to resolve the issue, or replacement would be the ultimate option.

  • Insufficient airflow: Poor airflow is a common symptom which suggests that the system is not functioning correctly. There could be a blockage restricting the efficiency of air movement.

  • Highly humid: If you feel the air conditioner is making your cabin damp and moist, it is not functioning correctly. No matter how the climate is, the air conditioning system should alter the humidity levels accordingly. In case you find the cooling system unable to keep up with the moisture levels, you might need to repair your air conditioning in Newark.

  • Foul odour: If the HVAC is generating some unpleasant smell, it needs to be taken care of without wasting another minute. A quick diagnosis and cleaning the system might do the trick. However, only professional garages specialising in air conditioning in Newark can provide you with the best service.

  • Fluid leak: Since the system relies on its refrigerant for cooling, it might result in condensation. Usually, it is not supposed to leak or accumulate. If you come across pooled fluid beneath the AC vents, it is a significant sign that your cooling system isn’t functioning correctly.

  • Unusual noise: Lastly, loud and strange sounds could be another signal that your cooling system needs to be checked upon.

If you come across any of these symptoms mentioned above, it is essential that you seek air conditioning service Newark without further delay. Take your car to Farnsfield Auto Centre. They are a reliable auto garage and offer several automobile services apart from AC repair, such as wheel alignment, diagnostics, batteries replacements, etc.