December is the last month of the year, and planning a trip in this month can be cumbersome and complicated. However, with organized planning, you can create an ambiance of energy and enthusiasm in your journey. People generally travel in December either to lean into the holiday season, or else flee to somewhere warm. Most of them prefer going to cold-weather places as they can try some warm beverages, colorful lights, and soft snow.
It is true that in December, most of the places will be overwhelmed by the Christmas crowd, and you might not find a tranquil place; however, you can still discover a vacant winter wonderland by just putting up a little effort. This piece is aimed at telling you the appropriate destinations where you should be spending the final sunsets of 2019 through cheap flight tickets. Here we go.

Tokyo, Japan

In December, the weather is extremely wintery in Tokyo, and wearing a warm coat and hat will be imperative to protect yourself. You will find elaborate light displays in the buildings, parks, and gardens along with synchronized music. Even though Christmas is not a religious holiday in Japan, you will still explore European-style Christmas festivities in various parks. Plus, taking a leisurely stroll along the Imperial Palace will have a pleasant effect on your nerves.

The Philippines

Visiting Philippines from November to April is considered the best time given the “dry season”. And while February and March are extremely hot, December comes with pleasant temperatures and sunny days. You can begin your trip from Manila and then retreat to the picturesque private islands. The most famous islands are Amanpulo and Pamalican, where you can enjoy scuba diving, tennis, yoga, boat rides, and five-star accommodations services. Each year, thousands of tourists create unforgettable memories by exploring the scenic spots of the Philippines.

Quebec City, Canada

Spending the winter vacations in eastern Canada is like a prison sentence, but Quebec City is undoubtedly a place that perfectly handles the winters. It is completely blanketed in winters, thereby depicting the views of an elaborately furnished Christmas spot. The densely packed cobblestone streets in the old Quebec will compel you to come in for baked goods and hot food. In December, the streets are populated with carolers. Also, the authentic Christmas market is a genuine novelty in the entire country.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London

Hyde Park is the best place to visit in December as you will discover the largest German-style Christmas market that boasts rides, games, foods, drinks, and ice skating. The event of wonderland also includes thrill rides, Ferris wheel, and amazing views over London. While most of the activities are free to enjoy, some features will cost a few pounds, and so, it is crucial to bring some money with you. People living in Lahore can book cheap Lahore to London flights to enjoy the festivities of Winter Wonderland.


Landing on Germany in winters is out of the world experience. Some people travel to Germany to escape Christmas, while others go there to immerse themselves in its beauty. If you are in the latter group, then Germany is ready to welcome you in December. The Christmas markets of Germany are known worldwide for their elegance and charm. In addition, the river cruises are the places you cannot afford to miss.

And of course, the capital of Germany is not behind when it comes to December festivities. Discovering Berlin’s spectacular squares and majestic palaces will compel you not to leave this place.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is always prudent to visit summer during the intense winters, and the Argentinean capital does summer like nowhere else in South America. The real entertainment starts on the 15th of December when the famous festival Feria de Mataderos brings a day of dancing, horse riding, and music.

There are also amazing food markets where you can try various local and international cuisines. On the New Year’s night, you will witness epic firework display over Puerto Madero along with lavish parties.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the closest tourist destination near the North Pole where you can marvelously spend the days of December. The area feels like a mini-New York in December as the Oslo Christmas tree stands like a guard over the city. Thousands of people come here just to witness the northern lights; however, seeing them is not a guarantee even in the perpetual darkness. But, the odds of witnessing them are much higher in the month of December. Lastly, your trip here would not complete until you pose some pictures with the 13 moving Santas.

Miami, Florida

It is in the month of December when you start observing your friends who moved to Florida posting pictures from the beaches on their Facebook or Instagram profiles. Miami welcomes December with the annual show of Art Basel Miami Beach, which is one of the largest art shows in the world. In addition, thousands of other people who have no interest in art also come here for December parties, beverages, and fun. During the days of Christmas, the PIA ticket price goes down, so it is cheaper for the people of Pakistan to travel to America in December.

The Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Isolated and bio-diverse, Galapagos Island is where the famous biologist Charles Darwin first theorized natural selection. Spending the month of December on the island would be exciting given the warm and wet season. In winters, hundreds of sea creatures bask at the shores, thereby giving you an amazing opportunity to witness the exotic wildlife. The temperatures average around 24c in December and it is a great time to see the Giant Tortoise eggs hatching.


December arrives with a plethora of opportunities for winter lovers. Moreover, the occurrence of Christmas in this month further glorifies its significance as all the major tourist spots welcome the occasion with remarkable zeal. You can go to any of the spots mentioned above by booking an online ticket through, Pakistan’s leading online travel channel.