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Just 20 years ago, ideas about travel planning were fundamentally different from what we see now. Today, the travel agency has almost no longer needed to apply for a tour selection – special services and mobile applications allow you to choose the most convenient flight, book a hotel, and find a suitable transport in just a few minutes.

As for transport, the best way to travel is to rent a car, and if you are going to the USA, then Chicago car rental under 21 will allow to enjoy the service even for young drivers.

The hotel search is also one of the most exhausting procedures in preparation for travel and it requires a careful approach. However, with some applications this task can be much easier. Well, take your smartphone and let’s check them out!


Being the major hotel-search monster, the application has almost killed the tours market – now choosing a hotel according to your needs has become as easy as exciting. There’s plenty to choose from – in addition to 500,000 hotels around the world, from elite to the most democratic, the resource offers all possible types of accommodation – apartments, villas, hostels and so on. is considered to be the most convenient and reliable travel service – the company doesn’t charge fees for making, processing and canceling a reservation – it works directly with hotels by special arrangements. It turns out that you pay only for hotel accommodation, and it’s often cheaper to book a hotel at than to pay for accommodation directly in the hotel lobby.

The hotel reservation system on is secure, as all personal information and your credit card information is stored in encoded form. A huge advantage is the convenience of the service: you can’t only see the hotel rating, reviews, its location on the map, photos, but also get information about how long ago the last reservation was made, how many rooms were left and whether there was a special price for apartments.



As it often happens with popular projects, the Airbnb idea was born from scratch – a couple of students who didn’t have enough money for housing rented a room and began to rent out an air mattress in it for daily charge. This is where the name Airbnb came from – ‘airbed and breakfast’.

The original concept of this online platform hasn’t changed since then – here you can rent or rent out any accommodation: short-term rental options around the world are especially popular with those who want to avoid hotels.

In addition, Airbnb users have the opportunity to rent out their accommodation to travelers, not only in whole but in part. The site provides a platform for establishing contact between the host and the guest, and is also fully responsible for processing deals.

Airbnb offers over 500,000 private lodgings, apartments or rooms in 192 countries and 33,000 cities around the globe. The service even offers original formats – from mattresses on the floor of your room to a luxury yacht – in short, any area that can be designed for an overnight stay.

Airbnb user profiles (both guests and hosts) contain recommendations, ratings and reviews.



This is a very fashionable application with a convenient interface for booking hotels, adapted for all popular mobile platforms. Search for a hotel in any city in the world happens in a matter of seconds. A feature of the service is numerous special offers that sometimes help save up to 50% of the cost of living.

In addition, a special tariff for mobile application users will help save even more. The range is impressive: 250,000 hotels in 190 countries. The only drawback is that the most advantageous offers are sold out in one or two days. Therefore, hot prices quickly become unavailable.



TripAdvisor is a giant resource with tourists’ reviews about hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world. Based on these data, ratings are formed that allow actual comparisons.

The principle of TripAdvisor is fundamentally different from the critical reviews of professionals and experts, whose opinion may be custom-made. However, there is an opposite opinion. The ratings reveal not only leaders, but also anti-leaders. So, such dubious top-lists as ‘The Dirtiest Hotels in the World’ or a low rating sometimes cause serious damage to the reputation of a hotel or restaurant. Owners often talk about slander and blackmail on the part of users, while users believe that criticism is the best incentive for development.

The impact of the resource is hard to overestimate. Thus, in the windows of restaurants you can increasingly see the sign ‘TripAdvisor’s Choice’, which is a new guarantor of the quality of services in the modern world.

However, tourist advice may often not be entirely fair. For example, a British court ordered compensation to be paid to a bus driver who lost his job due to slander published by an unknown person on TripAdvisor. Information filters are the main task of the project owners today.

Finding a hotel is a very painstaking process, because its result will affect your trip as a whole. These services will help you find the best option, and user reviews will save you from mistakes when choosing. So don’t miss to take advantage of them, and then your trip will bring you a lot of pleasure.

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