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London, the city of England, it is not just the city because it is the real beauty of England. The city has six airports which are among the busiest airports across the world. All of these are always full of the public with great hustle and bustle everywhere. These airports are the earliest ones. They have their own specialities. England government have a great focus on these airports because these are the biggest part of the economy.

If you are planning to land in London, you should choose the airport first. There is no big issue while landing at any airport in London but here are some specialities that you should keep in your mind. The following pieces of information are helpful for you to find a suitable airport for you.

Heathrow Airport

It is the largest airport in London. This airport is the busiest because it connects you to the whole world. This airport has special transport service vehicles which can help you in travelling towards and outwards the airport. These transport services are non-stop as compare to others. This airport has five terminals but all of them are connected through underground systems. Due to high management, this airport is highly preferred.

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in London. It is can be a true rival of Heathrow airport for international service. Many people are unaware of its specialities because of Heathrow airport. Gatwick Airport service can provide discount flights and less expensive flights with quality service. This airport is in a prime location. You can have transport services for anywhere easily via Easybus and National Express. The airport has great navigation systems which are simple and interactive. For saving time it is the best option because of smart passenger load systems.

City Airport

City airport is always used for business travelling. This airport is full of business crowd. There is no any other airport that provides cost-effective flights. Many experienced travellers use this airport so the atmosphere is always peaceful.

Stansted Airport

This airport has just one terminal which can be helpful and also worse for you. It depends upon the situation. If your hands are loaded with luggage you should not prefer this airport because of the huge crowd and less chance of external transport. This station is quite stressful due to a single terminal full of people. The transport outside the airport is limited while you can easily find National Express buses which provide 24 hours services.

Southend Airport

This airport is very far away from London city area. It is difficult to travel between the city and the airport because there is no national transport serve in between. Mostly this airport is not considered as part of London airports. It can be helpful for stress-free flight because of less busy schedules.

Luton Airport

This airport is very helpful to keep your budget balanced. The services at this airport are simple and cost-effective. The airport is connected to the city through fast train service which is also cost-effective.


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