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Have you decided to buy a home? Now the next question is what should you choose, an under-construction house or ready to move in one? Both have their own pros and cons. Buying a home is not a trial and error game. It is your asset and you need to consider a lot of things while buying one. Your money too must be spent in an effective way. We can find out what are those in detail. 
People used to buy or book an under-construction property but there will be certain risks too. The greater risk is the delayed possession of the property. Thus because of this problem, most of the buyers are looking for a ‘ready to move’ option. They can get a completed project and can move instantly. But there are also equal disadvantages. Let us see what are those. 
The advantages of buying an under-construction house are as follows. When it comes to the investment, a ready to move property costs you more than an under-construction one if the location, area, property type are the same. Also, you will get a higher return rate on selling under-construction one. You can customize according to your wish. But for a ready to move property you get what you see and if you want to make any changes then it will cost you more. For a ready unit, the cost will be so high and you have no chance to evaluate the quality of construction and materials used. Another factor you need to consider is that check for the age of the ready to move property as there are chances that you are buying a less maintained old property.
There are some advantages to buying a ready to move apartment in Kowdiar. It can eliminate the waiting period and all you have to do is to pay the amount and check the documents. Also, you can see and inspect are you paying the right amount or not. Before the final purchase, you can confirm what all the property has. Another aspect is that you need to completely examine the service of the builder before buying an under-construction project as there can be chances of an unexpected delay in case of any financial fluctuations. Sometimes you won’t get the exact layout as you desired and there will be a deficiency of amenities.
We can’t exactly say which one is best to choose. But there are many factors which we need to consider before buying a property.

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