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crypto trading platform with leverage

It cannot be denied that cryptocurrency is gaining prominence with every passing day. It might not even be surprising to find out that one day, cryptocurrency starts to become accepted as a mainstream instrument of payment.

For any ‘currency’, an ‘exchange’ is inevitable, and cryptocurrency cannot be an exception. The market and the need for cryptocurrency exchanges are growing proportional to the number of crypto coins in circulation.

Cryptocurrency exchanges also present a profitable avenue for business and profit. However, creating a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch is quite cumbersome and complicated. It not only involves excessive and intricate coding but also establishes compliance with regulatory requirements.

At a juncture when time-to-market is of crucial importance, white-label cryptocurrency exchanges could be the panacea that crypto exchange business enthusiasts look for. It saves quite a lot of time and money, and it also eliminates the possibility of errors in modules that are crucial for the exchange to function.

There are Companies that specializes in the creation of white-label cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s bound to be a complete package containing all the essential elements of a cryptocurrency exchange. Team of experienced blockchain developers who know both the technology and the market will ensure that your exchange complies with the highest standards of security and connectivity.

White label cryptocurrency exchange also brings about the advantages of leverage trading.

What Makes Up a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

The features of a cryptocurrency engine can be divided into three categories – The Core Features, The Product Features & the Auxiliary Features.

The Core Features 

  1. The cryptocurrency engine software should be highly secure and have multi-signature, high-frequency enabled wallets. Both hot and cold wallets should be made available.
  2. It should support crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto trading. The exchange should be able to accept major fiat currencies of the world like the USD, EUR, GBP, and others. It should also support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and others.
  3. The architecture should be flexible to add or remove currencies as and when needed.
  4. The exchange should enable you to conduct KYC and AML checks for users based on the geography/jurisdiction in which the exchange operates.
  5. The exchange should be available as a mobile app for major app ecosystems like iOS and Android.

The Product Features 

  1. Spot-Trading Function allows traders to engage in impulsive trading. Our exchange is designed to accommodate huge volumes of trades, avoiding all possible glitches that might arise in spot-trading.
  2. Leverage trading helps to execute trades that are much higher than the value of cash you have in hand. Our exchange allows you to execute trades worth 100 BTC by using just 1 BTC.
  3. Futures-Option trading also opens up avenues for you to buy long and sell short crypto assets at predefined prices. What makes the process even better is that it can be automated by using smart contracts, enabling scheduling and execution without supervision.
  4. Our exchange also comes pre-packaged with a customer management system, enabling quick addressing of customer concerns, and even blacklisting of customers based on their behavior. A lot of other administrative functions can be executed using our admin console.
  5. Customizability is one of the major advantages presented by our crypto exchange package. You can brand your exchange with your branding elements, availing our UI/UX customization solutions.
  6. We also bring you in-built document management and KYC & Verification management.

The Additional Features 

Whatever has been spoken above is more than enough for handling the exchange. However, to make the experience better, we present you with a few more additional features that serve as perfect garnishes for the exchange.

Our exchange is designed to handle pending transactions. 

  1. We have introduced the segregated witness feature for Bitcoin, helping remove signature data and saving up on valuable space.
  2. The exchange also offers copy-trading, so your users can replicate the successful actions of other traders. The leader-follower mechanism also enables users to follow certain ‘leaders’ in line with their trading pattern and magnitude of risk.
  3. Conditional trading helps break the limits on the number of conditions. Our exchange enables the inclusion of multiple conditions for all potential situations.
  4. The margin trading option helps attenuate the magnitude of risk involved in trading. It allows traders to invest specifically in prioritized cryptocurrencies.

The One-Page Exchange 

Akin to AngularJS in the world of cryptocurrency, one-page exchanges make the entire process of cryptocurrency exchanging efficient and quick. It also allows tokens to be listed with the intent of trade, unlike traditional exchanges where tokens are used just to pay exchange fees or avail transaction discounts.

One-page exchanges are highly secure – thanks to the two-factor authentication process. They completely eliminate the need for middlemen in the process of exchange, assuring the privacy of the highest order.

The Steps Involved 

  1. We will get in touch with you to gather and understand your requirements.
  2. A vanilla version of the exchange will be installed, compliant with the legal requirements in your geography.
  3. The matching engine will be installed in line with your requirements.
  4. Liquidity will be enhanced by integrating different blockchains. Parallel to this, security enhancement measures will be carried out.
  5. Once the coins and tokens are listed on your exchange, they will be handed over to you, primed and ready to rake you big profits.


As discussed, there is no question that a cryptocurrency exchange will present itself as a lucrative and profitable business opportunity in the future. With the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency as a mainstream method of payment and with the growing number of cryptocurrencies, it won’t be long before a cryptocurrency exchange becomes an essence of the financial ecosystem.

If you would like to start ahead and be a harbinger in the field of cryptocurrency exchange, you can always approach our team to get your white label solution customised and primed and ready to go live!

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