Skin is the protective layer of the body and covers the largest part. It is not impervious or impenetrable but is sensitive. When we use the beauty products it becomes important to understand the pros and cons of it as we can be exposing our skin to dangerous chemicals and toxins that may seem tempting to use but may have adverse effects on your skin. There are many irritants that come in contact with your skin with its usage that is chemical-laden. It includes personal hygiene products, fragrances, city-treated water, deodorant and any more. This is why moving towards the organic world is a wise decision to keep your skin hale and hearty.

The concern with standard skincare products

We as customers are vulnerable as well as innocent as we believe in what is being told on our faces. These companies make promises of making your skin glowing and shiny with their products. There are certain norms and regulations that these companies swear upon abiding but are you sure they are doing so? If a company declares their product to be safe then the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t need to approve what ingredients are added to personal care products and they do not regulate chemicals in a skincare range. This is why we cannot tell what is safe for us and what is not.

But to your Knowledge, these products are laden with endocrine-disrupting phthalates or parabens which is the cause of cancer and many reproductive issues. A study says that our skin is exposed to 168 chemicals on an average in a day with the usage of these products. In the long run, they can be a cause of wrinkles, dryness, and skin irritation. This is why organic products are better than these products any day.

Things to consider while selecting natural skincare products

There are certain things you should look for when you are purchasing your skincare range. With a little effort put in research, it becomes easy to get the natural skincare products that can help you maintain a clean body and stay healthy. Some of them are:

  • Free of harmful chemicals, and preservatives
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • Cruelty-free, never tested on animals
  • Vegan

Benefits of using natural skincare products

  1. Gives you peace of mind

With so much happening around you, you are always surrounded by worry and adding one more to your kitty by using the chemically-laden products is not at all a good idea. This is why using herbal products gives you peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about your safety from the chemicals and toxins.

  1. They are better for the environment

The herbal skin care range is made naturally and is not synthetic at all. This is why as soon as they come in contact with the animals or plants they can harm them. If the synthetic chemicals seep into the ground they can mix with the food and can have bad consequences. The process of manufacturing these products can harm the environment and thus, disturb the whole ecosystem.

On the other hand,  the natural skincare range is made from natural ingredients and so it causes no harm to the plants and the animals.

  1. They are safe

These products are 100% natural and thus are totally safe to use. The herbal products do not have synthetic chemicals but are made of natural ingredients. The cosmetic products seep deep into the body through the skin and get mixed with the blood. They can disturb the whole system of the body. On the other hand, the natural ingredients are safe and provide beneficial effects on the body.  In this way you are avoiding all ill effects resulting in making you look better and feel better.

  1. Do not harm animals during the manufacturing process

It is a very bitter truth that these cosmetic beauty products that make you look good harm animals during the making of these products as they are tested on animals. The big names in the industry are still doing it.

When it comes to the herbal skin care range they are cruelty-free products as they are not tested on animals. These are ethical products as the people associated with it are empathetic. If you stand for ethical treatment of animals and do not want to get involved in these malicious practices then it is made for you.

  1. They have beneficial nutrients

These products are packed with beneficial nutrients that are good for the skin and the body as well. The ingredients that are added to these products are rich in jojoba oil, argan oil, apple juice, lemon juice, and many that are more in the line that is beneficial for the skin.Moreover, cosmetic products are made of Triclosan, Glyceryl Stearate, Dye, and Petrolatum that are very harmful to  the whole body and your skin.

  1. They are easy on the skin

The cosmetic products that are available in the market are loaded with heavy chemicals that are very harmful for the skin. Some ingredients like parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, and triclosan are so hard that it can cause swelling, redness, itchiness and even allergic reaction. So it is better to switch to natural products as they are free from all these chemicals and is beneficial for the skin.

  1. Do not cause health related issues

The ingredients used in synthetic skincare products have always been a topic of discussion. Some consider it safe while some are doubtful about it. You can meet with dire consequences by using these products as it seeps directly into your bloodstream. For common problems like pimples and marks on the skin you can get the best face wash for pimples and marks in the herbal range. Thus, it is never advisable to go for the cosmetic range and suffer from health problems that you could have avoided.