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Why can Malaysia be your next study Destination

Every student in today’s generation dreams of studying in a Foreign University. But they generally don’t have correct information or guidance for choosing the correct University. Nowadays, Malaysia has become the best destination for education amongst Foreign destinations. In the last decade, Malaysia has grown tremendously in the education sector and it is rushing to become the pioneer of educational excellence, particularly in the South East Asia region.

The current position of Malaysia:

Currently, Malaysia is ranked at 11th position in the list of most preferred destinations abroad for studies. According to the reports of UNESCO, Malaysia gets 2% admission of the overall international students. In this rapid growth of the private education sector, Malaysia is one of the top contenders. Currently, the number of international students studying in Malaysia is more than 80,000, and they belong from 100 different countries across the world. International students studying in Malaysia get facilities like good healthcare with excellent medical facilities, 21st Century amenities, an excellent education system with world-class institutions, recreational activities, sports facilities for students interested in sports, etc. They also get a safe and secure environment with comfortable living facilities.

Facility for international students:

Another perspective for choosing Malaysia for Higher Education is that here International students get many options to select their course and they get programs with educational quality and also at an affordable price. There are many types of courses available here, including professional courses of short as well as long term, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, etc. The top Universities of Malaysia offers a wide range of courses to choose from. And the cost of living in Malaysia is at an average of around US$6000 per annum. And the courses are moreover affordable and reasonable. There are also scholarship opportunities for international students. But the procedure may take some time, so it is advisable to apply for scholarships before admission to the University.

But before admission, students should pass one or more than one exam to be considered suitable. Some of the standardized admission tests and exams are SAT, GMAT, GRE, and English Language IELTS, TOEFL. So interested students have to prepare for these exams to get admission in Malaysian Universities. In addition to this, investors prefer Malaysia for making foreign investments for growth in the higher education sector. So, it is projected that the higher education sector in Malaysia is going to flourish further in the upcoming years. It is good news for both the investors and also the students. Already many foreign universities have opened their branches in Malaysia and are operational in Malaysia and more Universities are expected to open branches in Malaysia in the coming future.

Steps by the Malaysian Government:

The Malaysian government also welcomes Foreign Investors and Universities to start operations in Malaysia. Mainly the Government of Malaysia promotes some places for setting up branches like Iskandar Malaysia’s Educity, which is in Nusajaya(Johor) and also Kuala Lumpur Education City (KLEC). Universities like the University of Nottingham (UK) and Monash University (Australia) which are both amongst the 100 top universities in the world have their branches in Malaysia. There is also a facility for international students to work part-time. They are allowed to work part-time but for 20hrs per week. Another plus for international students is smooth, trouble-free, seamless immigration procedures.

Diversity in culture:

In Malaysia, people are of diverse cultures, but the people of Malaysia are amicable and welcoming. They love to socialize with other cultures. Malaysia has a blend of people from different cultures and ideologies. So it is easy for international students to blend with the people there. And most of the lectures in Malaysian Universities are conducted in English. And also there are higher education institutions and language centers where basic English courses are taught so that students who are not proficient can learn. And Malaysia is also ranked 9th in the list of the most visited country.

So due to these facilities, students prefer to study in Malaysia. And due to the huge number of international students already in Malaysia, it’s an advantage for students who are likely to go to Malaysia to get someone from their own country. So, after all this discussion, it is clear that why should anyone choose Malaysia as a study destination.

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