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Before moving further, first let’s discuss what scaffold is. A scaffold is a structure that is used to support workers and materials. These are used on construction sites to get access to heights and to increase the efficiency of workers. So, let’s check out what benefit does this scaffolding offers:

Ensures Safety: Safety and Security is one of the most important measures that need to be focussed on. Scaffolding helps provide a safe platform for workers so that they can work without any stress. Moreover, it helps prevent hazards on the construction site.

Boost Productivity: One of the most important benefits offered by scaffolding is it boosts the productivity of workers working on the scaffold. If the workers feel safe then definitely productivity will increase.

Balance: Scaffolding acts as a support system and is the best choice to make your construction easier. It helps workers in balancing and reaching greater heights. Scaffold offers a large platform where workers can keep their construction tools and work safely.

Easy Assemble and Dismantle: Scaffolding helps save time because they are easy to assemble and dismantle. You can easily assemble it with little efforts when required

What is System scaffolding?

System scaffolding is also known as a modular scaffold. It contains horizontal and vertical parts that are to be joined together to make it easy for the user to ascend and descend structures. This scaffold is highly efficient due to its flexibility. Moreover, it offers adaptability because it can be easily stored and transported.

A modular scaffold is applicable in all types of industries like chemical plants, aircraft, refineries, shipyards, etc. This scaffolding is most convenient to use. It consists of different tubes that are connected and are used according to the project requirement. One of the main benefits of modular scaffold is that it reduces the labor time required for erection and dismantling.

It is the temporary structure used by workers that are used in construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings. A modular scaffold is easy to set up. Cup lock and Kwikstage are the types of a modular scaffold that are in use nowadays. Due to the simplicity of the system, the time, energy, and cost required into assembling a modular scaffold are minimized.

System scaffolding is most popular and is in great demand nowadays. These are of different types. So, let’s lookout at some of the most popular types:

Cup-lock scaffolding: Cup lock scaffolding comes with four horizontals that can be fastened at a time. This type of scaffolding is made from galvanized steel and can sustain heavy loads. Cuplock scaffolding is low maintenance scaffolding which is used to reduce occurrences of accidents.

It needs less storage space and is used in the construction of houses, dams, bridges, tunnels, etc. Moreover, this scaffolding works with a variety of support structures and is durable enough to be used for construction purposes.

Ring-lock scaffolding: Ring lock scaffolding is made from prefabricated components and is a hot-dip galvanized that protects the scaffolding from corrosion. Thus, it improves the lifespan of scaffolding. This scaffolding is easy to install which in result serves different needs. Moreover, it is cost-effective and offers tremendous flexibility as well.

It is commonly used in sectors like petrochemical engineering, bridge construction, hydraulic engineering, offshore platforms, construction of tall status, etc.

Kwikstage scaffolding: Kwikstage scaffolding has its uses on both commercial and residential sites. This scaffolding is equipped with double guard rails and a non-slip platform to offer a safe working area for workers.

So, if you are planning to purchase system scaffolding, just check out the benefits and types of scaffolding. And purchase according to your needs.



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