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When you are planning to subscribe to a web hosting service for your website, dedicated hosting is the one that might strike your mind again and again. But sometimes due to the constraints in the budget you have to choose alternate hosting services. But is dedicated hosting is actually such expensive or just seems like that on the front end. If we see things from a longer perspective, there is nothing better than dedicated hosting to take your business to the level which you have dreamt of.

But website owners get so confused when they see the price difference between dedicated and shared hosting that in no time their inclinations change. Hence, it’s very important that each of them should have a clear cut idea of what they will be going to miss out with shared hosting.

You will understand this better after going through the comparison between dedicated shared hosting

Dedicated hostingShared hosting
One website from one individual or business owns the entire server and all of its resources.The physical server and the resources located on the server are shared between many clients.
There’s no limit on the amount of space and bandwidth allocated as only one website is hosted on the server.As multiple websites are hosted on one physical server, bandwidth gets divided and the disk space allocated to each website is limited.
Maintenance cost is solely bared by the owner of the server which comparatively costs more.The cost of maintenance is divided among the clients which makes it a budget-friendly alternative.
There is a slim chance of IP blacklisting as only one website owns the entire serverThe chance of IP blacklisting is more as more websites are involved.
It has a faster response time because of the limited number of websites or websites.It has a comparatively slower response time because of the number of websites involved.

Who should go for dedicated hosting?

Every website has different requirements at every parameter. The businesses that have very high bandwidth needs to meet specialized demands should go for dedicated hosting without even thinking twice. Apart from, this the companies that have to deal with sensitive data or valuable information on a daily basis cannot trust shared hosting when it comes to security. Only dedicated hosting can justify the high level of security which these kinds of websites demand. But these are not the only ones; the tech-savvy users also mostly go for dedicated hosting. This is because they generally ask for such customizations, where shared hosting fails to fulfill.

Other advantages of dedicated hosting

  1. A dedicated server hosting provider can also help you in suggesting the appropriate OS and plans related to it that comes under your budget. Most of the dedicated hosting providers provide a myriad of packages with different operating systems and with all possible configurations or versions.
  1. Dedicated hosting fulfills the hard disk space requirements with full swing. Both HDD and SSD serve different purposes and thus is suitable for separate kinds of businesses. Thus select the one with full freedom after consulting with your dedicated hosting provider.
  2. 100% control over all the assets and full root access to SSH (Secure Shell) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Hence, you will be the sole owner of every entity of the business and full transparency is maintained.
  3. Once your website is hosted over a dedicated server, there is no need to worry about your and employees’ official emails. Email hosting is something that comes for free with most of the dedicated hosting packages. Thus there is no need to spend any extra money on hosting emails from a third-party email hosting
  4. Seamless customer support dedicated to your website 24/7/365. The technical support that your server needs at any time of the day or month and troubleshooting these issues on time is all taken care of.

We have covered almost all the advantages of dedicated hosting, but each business owner has the full right to have knowledge about the cons of any technology. Although there are very few with dedicated hosting then too they might act important in any decision. So without wasting any time further let’s go through these disadvantages also-

  1. Dedicated hosting services usually come at the cost of high expenditures.
  2. Before investing in such a costly service, it is preferred to gain good technical knowledge so that you cannot be miss-leaded at any stage
  3. The maintenance in a dedicated server hosting is more labored.

There is so much to take away from this article, but in a nutshell, if we talk to the point then if you are planning to introduce your website to a competitive market then dedicated hosting service is where your search should end. In the end, you can expect the best delivery, experience, etc. for all your end-users. One will be free from all their worries and will feel more than safe on a dedicated server and the rest will be taken care of.

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