What is your concept of an ideal wedding? A string quartet playing the newlyweds’ favourite love songs? A wedding on a beach and reception on a resort? White doves soaring over the bride’s and groom’s heads while they say their vows? Every person has their own idea of what makes a perfect wedding, but not everyone knows how to plan one from start to finish. Who do you think would be best able to execute your vision of an ideal wedding?

Numerous individuals will, in general, leave the nitty-gritty to a wedding organizer, basically on the grounds that most individuals aren’t the party-planning savants they make themselves to be. In many instances, they don’t even have the slightest idea on what goes into arranging a wedding, especially finding affordable luxury wedding event decor for hire services. More often than not, hiring an events organizer, especially ones who specialize in weddings, is the correct move when you have the extra cash to spend.

On the other hand, if you want to feel more involved in the planning process, DIY weddings are the rage these days to the budget-conscious. Most wedding coordinators will always advise anyone against going the DIY wedding route, as what regular folk think is the perfect wedding in their heads may not be reflected in the actual. In the end, their expectations will not line up with reality, and then they realized they botched what could have been a memorable moment for all those invited.

Don’t take what we’re saying the wrong way—you can certainly plan a wedding on your own. But what party-planning experts want to avoid is the disappointment in poorly planned events and the money wasted with it. In the event that you are planning a wedding with a stringent financial limit, then you have no choice but to wing it and plan a do-it-yourself wedding. In this post, let’s understand the why behind many people’s propensity toward DIY weddings.

You want your vision and no one else’s

Truly nobody is more able to execute your ideal wedding than you. This vision of your ideal wedding is one that you have been creating in your brain ever since you were a little boy or girl attending your first wedding as a ring bearer or a flower girl. Rather than share your plans to your wedding organizer and expect that they hit the nail on the head, you can assume complete control of what to spend on for your wedding to make sure that what you’re getting is within budget. On the upside, the cash you will save from arranging your own wedding can be spent unwinding on your special night.

Expert advice to execute your vision

On the other side of the coin, wedding organizers know every corner there is to navigate in an endless ocean of wedding minutiae. Along with this comes the mastery of interpreting what a client wants for their special day. No matter which angle you look at your wedding, the organizer will have looked at it in several more angles than you have. They know exactly why certain flowers go with a specific stand, what lighting goes well at every hour, or where to find and hire luxury wedding decor services and how to haggle with them.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting your own vision, but what’s better is having someone to consult with to make sure your vision is followed to a T.

Fewer people to work with means fewer distractions

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out the person you hired to do all the heavy lifting for you is away on an unexpected business trip on the day you sample wedding cakes. Horror stories of unresponsive and seldom busy wedding coordinators will surely put off newlyweds-to-be to find expert advice for themselves. And all these numerous success stories of DIY weddings will surely fuel the fire within the prospective planner’s decision to go down the DIY route.

The great advantages of arranging your wedding yourself truly outweigh the cost of finding and hiring the luxury of a wedding coordinator, where you cut out the middleman and go directly to the supplier. With fewer people to work with, you can then focus on the more important aspects of your wedding—fewer people equals less stress, in essence.

Cutting out the middleman means handling everything

The evolution of the internet means a significant number of wedding supply vendors are readily available to you at all times. From the flowers to the bridesmaids’ dresses to the calligraphy on your wedding invites—these and a lot more could be accessed with a few clicks and taps. More importantly, you could sift the good from the bad by reading customer reviews online. But what happens when your flower supplier pulls out at the last minute because of an insect infestation that affected their entire supply? What would you do if the dressmaker completely missed your order two weeks before your wedding because a stream of other orders buried yours? What would happen if your parents invited more people to the wedding and the calligrapher you hired won’t take any more orders? You’re just one step closer to disaster then.

Cutting out the middleman—that is, the wedding coordinator—will ironically also add anxiety and stress on your part. What you’re paying the wedding coordinator is their expertise to sift the reliable vendor from the unreliable. What you’re paying the wedding coordinator is their huge network of suppliers with whom they’ve worked in the past, whom they know can deliver when others cannot. What you’re actually paying the wedding coordinator is the peace of mind, knowing they have all the bases covered, especially when problems arise in your wedding.

Sure, DIY-ing your own wedding is such a huge accomplishment on your part, especially when you are able to apply your vision, and the huge savings you’ve made can then be allocated elsewhere (the wedding night, perhaps?). True, arranging your wedding requires much greater passion on your end, and the hands-on experience will give you an incredible feeling of achievement. However, it’s never wrong to get a wedding coordinator to do the heavy lifting for you while you do the easier stuff. It’s never wrong to have the peace of mind you deserve before your big day.