The number of brake pads and it’s fitting depends on the make and model of your vehicle. The major work of a brake pad is to slow down the car and stop it completely. If you look for a car mechanic near me, you can count on it as one of the important components of a car that works to slow down the vehicle. Generally, a vehicle has 4 or 8 brake pads and the Brake Pad Replacement depends on the condition of the brake. As long as your vehicle’s brake system works smoothly you won’t need any replacement so far.


What is the importance of Brake Pads?

As we all know with brakes you can stop the vehicle at any point so if your brake pads are not in good condition then you need to replace them urgently before going for a drive. It should not be worn or damaged in any way while you take the vehicle to the road. In case if it is not in good shape then there are few things you should need to know:

  • You are risking your life as it is unsafe to drive with damaged brake pads. And it could be more dangerous to other people as well while you drive because you won’t be able to control the vehicle.
  • Obviously, when you risk your life with you your vehicle also is a part of the accident. It may also cause big damage to the vehicle and that will turn into an expense.

The signs of a damaged brake pad system:


You need to be careful when you look for car repair and service near me with some of the indication or signs by the brake pad:

  • A different sound when brakes are applied while driving
  • A longer stopping distance than normal
  • Brake light on
  • Any burning smell while driving
  • Bounces while you stop the vehicle

So never ignore all of the above warning signs of brake problems. And it also comes under your Roadworthy certificate.

How to replace the brake pads

Although it is hard to determine how often you should replace the brake pads. It is just how the way you are driving that affects the brake pads because they can wear out faster or slower based on your driving style. 

The longer you wait the more you are in trouble! So as per expert do not wait long for Brake Pad Replacement when it is needed. If it is very urgent and you can do that on your own then go for it otherwise you have to go to some expert mechanic for the replacement of the brake pads. And make sure that you got the right brake pad replaced as per your vehicle make and model. 

Brake pads are the main reason you are able to stop your vehicle so you need to be extra careful with the part of the brake system. And never skip any warning signs and get the inspection as soon as you know there is something wrong with the brake pad system. It is better for your security so keep all the things in mind before starting your car on the road.