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Tyre Fitting

Potholes, improper roads, stony tracks are some of the challenges that is faced by a vehicle on the roads. The tyres must be replaced from time to time so that they may provide excellent traction with the road. Tyre rotation is one of the important methods that ensures a long life for your tyres and delays the need for the purchase of new tyres. In tyre rotation the front tyres are exchanged with rear tyres and vice versa.

While getting new tyres fitted or rotating them, you should never try to change or replace the tyres or wheels by yourself. You should always refer to a garage specialist to get it done so that it may lead to proper fitting and does not result in any inconvenience.

Tyre Mounting Process

There is a special tool in the garage for exchanging or placing the tyres/wheels. This special tool is called tyre changer. A tyre changer tool is used to perform tyre replacement/exchange.

The old rubber/tyre is removed from the rim without the help of tyre changer. This is the only step which does not include the help of tyre changer. Firstly, a vehicle needs to be jacked up, so that the entire process can be performed. Then the garage employee releases the air from the tyres. To do this tyre valve is unscrewed.

The garage employee puts the mounting machine on the tyre so that the bead breaker can separate the tyre/rubber apart from the rim. Then the bead breaker is positioned on the tyre and is pressed downwards. This process is repeated several times, until, the tyre gets pressed down fully and the rim hump comes up. Once the rim hump comes up, the employee then clamps the rim and removes the tyre out of it.

After a tyre has been removed, new tyre is placed over the rim and then covered onto the wheels. The employee then fills in the air and jacks the vehicle down and the vehicle is ready to go.

Before the new tyre is pulled onto the rims, it is important to check the tyre type and size by the garage specialist in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Initiatives to be Taken After Tyre Mounting Process

After the tyres have been mounted, it is necessary to fit small balancing weights over the rim. This prevents possible Tyres Marske imbalances and also the steering wheel vibrations which is otherwise caused while driving. Doing this will increase the mileage of the vehicle and driving comfort as well.

Stages of Tyres to be Changed

Whenever you see that the tyres wearing out below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetre, it’s time to get the tyres changed. If you rotate your tyres on regular interval then this might lead to their long life. And you won’t need to change the tyres within a short span of time.

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