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The story behind Uber

    Let’s make a quick jump back to the last decade! In Paris, 2008, two friends, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, were attending the LeWeb, an annual tech conference. It is one of the biggest and longest-running tech conferences in Europe. A rumour is still floating around about an incident these two men encountered on a cold night in Paris. The rumour says that the duo was waiting to get back to their places after the conference but couldn’t find a cab. It is said that at that very moment they got the idea of developing an app for the taxi service and they went separate ways. After returning back to San Francisco, Garrett continued to work on the concept and got fixated on a domain name “”

Rise of Uber clone apps:

    With the market expanding at an exponential rate, and every business in it is getting digitalised, it is time that each business must have an app for itself. But developing an app entirely from scratch is not something that one could do with their eyes shut. It’s a hard pass for the developers right from the inception stage of developing the framework to the deployment stage of launching the application. Due to these reasons, the path has been laid clearly for the rise of the clone apps.

    Uber stands tall as the world’s leading cab services provider, who owns a powerful app in terms of its framework to the working pattern. So it would be a great idea if we could just draw inspiration from the original Uber app and develop a Uber clone app software out of it. Using the cloned scripts, the developers possess extreme control over the app, and they can easily clear out the expectations of their clients in terms of customization and app requirements. 

How your Uber clone app should be:

    Your Uber clone app can go live in no time and will be available on all major platforms for downloading. With the tightly knitted source code and customization that the developers offer, there shouldn’t be much of a problem from the technical side for you. In such cases, there will be no compromises in the quality of the Uber clone app software that you will receive. 

    Take a look from the psychological perspective, because if you do so, you will get to know that every product that the world has ever witnessed had a viral campaign or it had something to offer to its customers, unlike the others that existed in the market. Only the products that had provided the above factors have tasted success in their fields, and customers welcomed only such products. The others who failed to perform any of these had found their way to its downfall in a gradual fade off manner or remained in hibernation for years and incurred huge losses.

A few things to look for before buying a Uber clone app software:

Unique design:

    The design of your Uber clone app must not resemble any other existing apps. It must be unique and should lift your brand value. Making it engaging and interactive to others will be your cornerstone. A unique and functional design will make your user’s eyes glued to the screen and ensuring that they move onto the next step.

Payment integration:

    With the whole world becoming digitalised online payment integration is a feature that you can’t refuse. So give the liberty of payment to your customers by offering various payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, etc.

Bottom line

    With the competition growing like creepers in the jungle of the digital market, it is advisable to have an app of your own for your business to make sure your business doesn’t get lost in the deeply rooted woods of the digital market.


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