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Why is Facebook Blue – Does Color Really Matter in Marketing?

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Imagine that you’re laying down on the bed at 3 A.M, half asleep, scrolling through your phone and suddenly this bright vibrant red page comes up. What will be your first reaction? Let me guess, your eyes will pop open and you won’t feel sleepy anymore for at least 60 to 90 seconds.

Do you want to know how I can guess it?

Well, that’s because colors are not assigned to brands and things in general just because they will look pretty. There is a whole science behind it. I can guess the reaction correctly on seeing the color red because that’s what the usual psychological reaction will be upon seeing the color. Red represents aggression, danger, passion, strength, excitement, etc. It increases the blood pressure and metabolic rate and respiration rate as well. It demands the viewer’s attention immediately and forces the viewer to stop doing everything and watch it.

According to research by essay help UK, here is a list of different colors, what they represent and what type of businesses should use them for branding.

ColorsWhat They Represents?What Kind Of Business Should Use Them?
●     RedAggression, passion, hatred, powerNews channels, food businesses, beverages, automotive, etc
●     BlueCalmness, intelligence, serenity, creativityIT industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, health care
●     YellowOptimism, warmth, creativityFast food brands,
●     GreenGrowth, harmony, freshness, fertility, safetyReal estate and organizations who want to show that they are eco-friendly or healthy food
●     OrangePositivity, motivation and enthusiasmEntertainment industry
●     BlackElite, timeless elegance and sophisticationLuxury brands, elite, fashion industry, sports industry


Now that, we have established why I was able to guess correctly let’s move to more interesting topics such as Why Facebook is blue and does color really matter in marketing

Why Facebook Blue?

Well, this question is simple enough. If you ask people then they’ll simply answer that it is because Mark Zuckerberg is green-red color blind, which is, in reality, the truth. However, this may be the case with Facebook but not with all the other brands. The color of the brand is a well-thought-out process after months and months of consideration and pondering over different options because it will remain with the brand for a long time until and unless the company revamps the entire image.

Choosing the color is the most important part because it depicts what the brand is trying to portray by using subliminal messages and details. Let’s explore some colors together and try to look into the reasons and signs behind it





Blue is the color that is often associated with water, sky, and calmness. This is, of course, the generic explanation. Let’s dive into a more complicated one, i.e. the science behind it and its use in marketing.

According to write my essay uk the color psychology associates the color blue with a number of things such as

  • Calmness
  • Serenity
  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Creativity
  • Trust
  • Dependability, etc.

Since this color is depicting trust and dependability among other things, it also helps in generating loyalty among the customers. Those brand who wants to portray such images uses this color such as Ford, Intel, Samsung, Windows, twitter, hp, GAP, etc.



Black is often seen as intimidating and conservative but in marketing, it is used to give off sleek vibes, timeless elegance and sophistication. That is why many high-end fashion brands use black color for their logo such as Gucci, Channel, Givenchy, Nike, etc.

In some cultures black is associated with ominous events such as death or evil but all in all, black is a highly functional design aesthetic and works well with other colors to show minimalistic elegance, however, too much black can in some cases, gives off grim vibes.



Have you ever imagined the logo of Coca-Cola with any different color? Because I, for the life of me, cannot even dare to imagine. Such is the presence of red and the strong association that it helps in building up.

We have discussed the red color a little bit in the introduction, however, that discussion did not do justice to this magnificent color at all. So let’s plunge into the world of red a little more and find out what secrets are hidden behind this successful color.

Psychologically red inspires strong emotions such as terror, love, affection, danger. It helps people in taking flight or fight decisions. Overall red is a very energizing color and brands use this color to the built presence and strong recognition among the audience.






Yellow is one of those colors that you can spot from miles away. It has that radiant quality which immediately helps in grabbing the audience’s attention and makes everyone stop in their tracks, at least for a little while.

The yellow color is associated with optimism, warmth, and creativity. It helps people feel happy and is proven to be a strong visual stimulator. That is why it’s the most common color used by food brands. It brings attention, energy, and cheerfulness to any design that it is used in.



Green is the color that is widely associated with nature, life and energy. It is also considered as a link to growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, safety, etc. This is the generic view, let move toward the scientific one.

Green is the color that immediately perceived as a sign of positiveness by the brain. That is why most of the brands who want to inspire trust, the strength of character, security, stability and environmental friendliness use green in their logo or in the background.

As green is a secondary color and is a mixture of yellow and blue, it has the combined properties of both of them. From yellow, it takes the ability to get noticed by the audience and from blue it takes the ability to indicate calmness. However, there are some minor negative aspects as well such as envy, materialism, and possessiveness.



Orange is generally associated with autumn. It is positiveness also a secondary color formed by the combination of two primary colors i.e. red and yellow. It has red’s aggression and forcefulness while at the same time yellow’s friendliness and charm. It makes people feel warmth and comfort.

Orange color in any brand or logo helps in lending overall positively, motivation and enthusiasm. It brings life to any logo and helps in expressing a certain degree of freedom and aesthetic value.


Overall colors play a major role in marketing and branding because marketing is all about sending subliminal messages and leaving an impact on the audience so that the recognition could be built. I hope you find this article helpful and now you understand the color psychology a little better than before.

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