As digitalization is quickly becoming the norm, organizations need to constantly adopt to the digital ecosystem. As a result, digital data has become precious and technologies instrumental in untapping the value of data have become vital. Machine Learning is one such technology which plays a pivotal role in automation and data analytics.

How Machine Learning works?

Machine Learning in common terms can be described as the ability of computers and systems to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. It is the advanced cousin of Artificial Intelligence and helps us to take care of mundane tasks without the loss of time and accuracy. It is extremely beneficial when we are needed to deal with quintillion bytes of data.

How businesses take advantage of ML?

  • Customer satisfaction is key for any business to grow in a digital ecosystem. Any online business portal will not be able to seek the attention of customers or establish a good customer base unless it is offering great customer support. With the help of ML, businesses today have developed chat bots which are capable of round the clock customer support.
  • The virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana are extremely popular as they are providing an enriched experience to the users.
  • Netflix’s recommendation system is another example of how businesses are using ML effectively for offering great customer satisfaction and thereby helping the business to grow.

How Governmental institutions are using ML?

ML has been instrumental for governmental institutions in a variety of sectors- fighting corruption, preventing financial frauds, building smart traffic management systems, providing cyber security and offering smart governance. ML is especially beneficial for a country like India which has to cope with an enormous population on the one hand and fighting climate change on the other.

The Indian government is already putting much emphasis on ML. For instance, the revenue department is working on a project named ‘Project Insight’ based on ML and Big data analytics to scoop out tax evaders!

Moreover, experts suggest that ML can be a game changer for India’s fragile healthcare system which suffers from an acute shortage of doctors and medical professionals. ML induced machines can help in fast diagnosis of rare diseases!

Thus, Machine Learning is an extremely valuable technology at the moment and it goes without saying that individuals with ML skills are destined to gain big.

Enrol in Machine Learning courses in India

Both the private sector and the government sector of India is using ML and as a result there is a huge demand for ML experts in the country. Perks of Machine Learning courses in India also include impressive pay packages, good job security and lucrative career opportunities!