Every business needs an IP PBX but a multi-tenant IP PBX solution is even better, especially for businesses with a larger footprint. The thought immediately occurs that a multi-tenant IP PBX may be more expensive.

However, this is not the case when you consider the features and benefits and that it is a hosted, pay as you go solution with more flexibility. Consider why hosted multi-tenant IP PBX software is the best fit for business communication needs.


Assume you have branch offices in various geographic locations. The logical thing to do would be to have separate IP PBX software for each instance making it an expensive proposition.

Switch to multi-tenant IP PBX. You have a single central solution with administrative control over all tenant users. Plus, the load on your IT infrastructure is far less.

The control panel lets you create tenants within the software and assign each one a unique identity and rights. The tenants, in turn, have full control over hierarchy and assigning rights for their instances.

There is centralized control and also independence in use of features.


Modern hosted solutions give you a number of rich features such as:

  • Call return, routing, phone book, blind/attended transfers, 3 way conference

  • Voice mail, barge in, multi-level IVR, direct inward dialing, do not disturb, gateway management

  • Call park, Group call pickup, find me/follow me, intercom dialing, CDR

  • Black list/white list, forwarding rules, redials and speed dials

  • Voice chat, video, conference and multimedia

  • Mobility extensions as well as CRM plug

In a multi-tenant architecture what you have is full control and flexibility. The centralized administrator control panel lets you define access to these features to each individual tenant.

Tenants, in turn, can grant or deny access to these features within their sphere. Now imagine a single IP PBX that is used by various branches or locations. It can become a nightmare to grant access and permissions for these features. And, if you believe in Murphy’s Law, the more complex things become the more likely something will go wrong somewhere and that too at the most crucial time.

The multi-tenant concept may be extended to a company’s distribution and sales channels with the single point solution granting superior control and greater features but with granular controls.

When you have everyone in the chain liked through a common communication pipeline, things improve. You can conference, chat or simply talk at a lower cost while maintaining records of such conversations.

Cost, billing, accounting

The beauty of multi-tenant operations is that you have centralized control while maintaining almost independent communication channels within a network. Each tenant’s use can be monitored and accounted.

If you operate on a system of internal billing the hosted IP PBX with multi-tenant features lets you generate a bill for usage and this facilitates accounting.

Couple this with reporting and you get insights into each tenant’s usage pattern. You can add a tenant, remove a tenant and make the account operational within less than an hour.

Activating tenants’ accounts is easy

Suppose you have relocated a branch office that is part of your multi-tenant IP PBX solution or assume you are setting up a new branch office.

With a hosted solution at your command it becomes an easy task to make that office’s PBX active within less than an hour. You can expand whenever you want and you have comfort in this thought.

Change the communication paradigm

Take the modern multi-tenant IP PBX with WebRTC inclusion. It changes the communication paradigm. You can do away with IP Phones and dedicated server altogether and simply use your desktops or smartphones and start operations in any location.

Users may make use of desktops while in office and extend the IP PBX through their mobiles when they are out of office or when you have remote based workers.

A great idea if you wish to offer IP PBX as a service

Subscribe to the multi-tenant hosted IP PBX and you are in business. Rope in as many clients as you wish and each becomes a tenant with his unique number and siloed channel of communication and access to defined feature set.

Commercial premises builders can offer an IP PBX to each business that buys office spaces within a building. The revenue generating possibilities are many when you have a robust and scalable solution for VoIP telephony.

Robust and scalable

Standalone IP PBX may be wimpy, designed to handle only a few concurrent calls and it is likely they will stutter should the volume of calls increase.

Multi-tenant IP PBX solutions are built from the ground up to be inherently stable, scalable and robust for reliable operations in large scale enterprises.

There is inbuilt redundancy and backup so you never have to worry about communication line going down or getting bogged down with traffic.

There are bare-bones IP PBX that give you only the essentials and then there are hosted multi-tenant solutions that align with current practices of unified communications.

Opt for one that has unified communication and also WebRTC. The vendor’s credentials are equally important considerations in choosing hosted multi-tenant IP PBX. Support is vital, especially when your system grows to accommodate a large number of tenants.

Choose the vendor for technical competence and for total support to keep your communication lines up and running all the time.