The South Korean multinational – Hyundai Motor Company, with its headquarters in Seoul, and business branches across the world is a much-revered automobile brand. Hyundai made its advent in the Indian market in the year 1996. Since then Hyundai has been one of the most admired automobile brands of India. The event of a Hyundai new car launch is something that is closely followed by the automobile connoisseurs of the country. Frisking through the list of the new Hyundai cars is a mandatory research step, which rightfully prepares the buyer for his or her final decision.

Now, this popularity of the Hyundai cars can be quantified through more reasons than one. Let us spare a look at them.

Hyundai car models are packed with stylish and utility features

The Hyundai car models are known for their unending list of features. The makers of the brand ensure that every new car model is laid with features that uniquely balances style with utility. Features like a smart boot, wireless chargers, ventilated front seats, emergency stop signal, twin tip mufflers in the Hyundai Verna 1.4 VTVT EX is a fine example of the grandeur and convenience that a Hyundai car can offer.

Offers unmatched in their safety parameters

While buying a car the element of safety must be of paramount significance. This is a criterion that must reign supreme even when compared to the aspects of looks and economic maintenance. The brand new Hyundai cars have a series of unmatched features of safety. The designs come with strong rigid built, a host of driver assistance features like lane Departure warning signals, lane keep assist, blind-spot detection, brake assistance, automatic emergency braking, detection of the pedestrians, rear parking sensors and a lot more.

Every Hyundai new car launch calls for accolades

Several automobile buyers in the market like to conduct a detailed and thorough investigation of the brand and its car models before taking the final plunge. Hyundai as a brand has a plethora of awards and accolades which testifies its superiority against the other brands in the market. It has received recognition globally for its safety features, fuel efficiency, after-sales services, and cool designs. For all you investigative buyers out there Hyundai has all the evidence to prove its worth without the batter of an eyelid.

Offers powerful engines

Cars are much more than vehicles with looks. Performance is king, no matter how fashionable the driver is. In this perspective again Hyundai has emerged as a market leader. A specimen like the new Hyundai Creta has rightfully quantified the fact that Hyundai offers powerful engines that not only make the car models worthy of the tough terrains of the nation but also prove to be pocket friendly for a long term use.

Offers futuristic and variant designs

One of the most important reasons for the raging popularity of the Hyundai cars is their futuristic and variant designs. Hyundai is a brand of automobile manufacturers who are known for setting trends and not following ones created by others. The models and designs of the Hyundai cars are highly futuristic. This means that the looks and the features do not go out of trend very easily. In fact, they set the patterns which will be followed by others in the later times

Service support

After-sales service is important for any car owner. Hyundai is a brand which is known for providing impeccable after-sales services to their buyers. Even when you have exhausted your warranty period, a Hyundai service station is still accessible. Spare parts, mechanics, and technicians are readily available which makes your life much simpler and hassle-free.

Economic in terms of price and fuel efficiency

Buying a car is a considerable investment. However, the amount you spend at the time of buying a car is just the tip of the iceberg. If you calculate the amount of fuel required to run your automobile and the regular servicing costs, you will hit a much bigger amount. Hence at the time of buying a car, prudent customers always look into the aspect of the cost of buying and maintaining the car. Hyundai as a brand has proven its mettle even in this domain. The Hyundai car prices combined with its fuel consumption efficiency is one of the epic reasons that support the brand in a pinnacle position of public popularity.

Strategic moves and a sharp vigilance over their product and service quality have surely catapulted the brand to an apex position and have maintained it ever since.