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Fintech Company for payment gateway Kenya

The thing which involves the upliftment of Fintech Company for Payment Gateway Kenya is people trusting the gateways for payment transfer. People of Kenya or any part of the world trusts Fintech companies for payment gateways as it provides convenience and security for payments transfer for them. 

There is large number of services and events provided by the Fintech Company Kenya for Payment Gateways but still there is long way to go for making Kenya digitally Independent company.

 Fintech Company for payment gateway Kenya

Kenya has been into digital payment and payment gateways space since the country has seen the launch of M-Pesa in 2007.  There is a huge scope in the digital payment sector and in Kenya when dealing with the Digital Financial Service (DFS) Sector.

Fintech companies like M-Pesa are like older than a decade at Kenya and have made extremely giant strides in bringing financial growth not only in Kenya but also across the whole continent and also beyond that.

There is a lot of Fintech Company for payment gateway Kenya which is working for the development of its people and the countries financial conditions.

Companies like Finserve Africa which is one of the leading Fintech Company in Kenya offering services such as financial management, financial accounting, accounting system, eazzy loan and equitel loans. 

Fintech serves as other company as well in Kenya, Equitel, which is providing people services of mobile banking services and it is also a mobile virtual network operator in Kenya.

Then there is Online Payment Gateway known as Jenga Payment Gateway which is there to offer customers a secure platform which would help them to make and receive payments from different medium and transactions over the Internet.

Jenga Payment gateway now has over a million subscribers and it helps people to make and receive payments in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda etc.

Fintech companies’ payment gateway is also there for businesses and small scale industries who want to integrate payment gateway in their website. For this, Fintech Company has brought Jenga API the one solution for receiving payments through different methods online.

Jenga API is the answer for finance company Kenya for payment gateway integration and it has helped all the online and offline type of businesses in Kenya.

There are lots of other Fintech Companies in Kenya which are working throughout for bringing development across the nation.

Fintech Company: Innovations, Innovators and Future Prospects

One of the fastest sectors growing across Africa is the Kenyan Fintech sector. The day to day businesses across the country is growing with each passing days due to the technology enhancement. There are many startups across the country which is looking forward to innovations especially in the sector of payment gateways.

The businesses of Fintech company which are moving forward towards innovations include mobile banking, savings, alternative funding and mobile payments.

Now not only licensed banks but also some of the non-bank entities could offer services like digital payments and remittances. This has happened in Kenya due to regulation of the central bank under the national payment system act and the central bank of Kenya Act.

There is a definite increase in the use of digital payments across Kenya and according to the recent statistics made by the central bank, the most commonly used form of payment is mobile money.

There are companies like Finserve Africa which are engaging businesses along with the local banks of Kenya with the use of new features such as peer to peer transactions. This has, in particular, harnessed the use of digital payments across the Kenyan country.

Kenya is known as the East African hub for financial services and investments and by the introduction of Fintech Company across the country it has increased furthermore.

There are some of the government authorities which has the work of regulating the Fintech company products and services and those are as follows:

  • The central bank of Kenya
  • The communications Authority of Kenya
  • The capital markets authority
  • The competition authority

Currently, there are no specific laws or arrangements in Kenya for Fintech foreign investments. The department of immigration of Kenya is used to issue work permit to the investors and employees of Fintech who are non-residents of the nation.

The benchmark of Success for Fintech Company for payment gateway Kenya will be based on how they are well in driving economic growth by creation of maximum financial development and flow of more capital within the country border.

Finserve Africa one of the prominent Fintech company across Kenya and Africa is working in helping the growth of payment gateways, payment gateways integration and use of digital payment across the nation which would sure to help the condition of Kenya in the long run.


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