Just like with every other social media and creative platform, when they first appeared, blogs and blog posts were not about making money. It was something which was helping the creative needs of many individuals. They were writing about anything and everything. But soon after, the craze caught on. Suddenly, blogs were not just a fun way to spend your time but also potential income sources for the ones writing them.

But why is it that today’s bloggers spend more time but writing less content? In the next paragraphs you will get a glimpse at this whole phenomenon, so keep on reading.

Less Is More

We have heard this saying countless times before in our lives: less is more. It seems as if it is the perfect approach to this spend more time writing less content that bloggers are going through.

It is not about writing 500 up to 1000 or even more words blog posts, every day of every week and so on. No, the new trends show that unless you generate dozens of posts a day, writing 3 articles a day, or 3 articles a week, makes no difference. There are so many people writing blog posts every day that it makes it harder for the algorithm to show your post at all times.

Instead, you should focus on your audience, and providing better and more interesting articles to keep them interested in what you have to say.

Quality over Quantity

Just like the previous tip about less is more, the same goes for this one where quality trumps over quantity. Because there is so much content available out there you need to produce better quality content. Producing better quality content is a lengthy process.

You need to think about what you want your post to be about, make an outline of everything you want to say, research your topic and do not forget about the visual part. This can make or break your post.

Creating visually pleasing and engaging content requires time, effort and a lot of money. You need good quality equipment with which you can take good quality photos. The photos need to be adjusted in post-production, a process which can take up hours of a blogger’s daily life (keep in mind, they have the same number of hours as to when they first started and it was easier to make a name for themselves). Because of this, many bloggers switched from daily posts to biweekly or even weekly ones.

Engaging with the Audience Is a Must

Another reason as to why bloggers spend more time writing less content is the uniqueness factor. In order for them and their posts to stand out from the crowd, alongside quality content they need to spend more time engaging with their audience.

You might not think about it, but your favorite blogger has hundreds of people just like you who read his or her posts and ask for further recommendations or have various requests. And engaging with each and every one of you out there takes time. But they need to do this in order to secure their audience.

You reading their articles is what brings their income. The moment you stop doing so, their earnings will decrease. To avoid this and to maintain a close relationship with all the readers, bloggers will invest a lot of their time not only to write blog posts but also to engage with their audience.

To sum everything up, bloggers do spend more time writing less content, but this is the new trend and it does not seem to go away any time soon.