In case of a medical emergency, you go to the nearest hospital expecting to get the help that you need. Failing to find that help makes you worried as well as angry at the absence of the required facilities. The incapability of these hospitals can cause major losses in cases of emergency.

An MOT centre is similar for your car. You take it for a check-up to the centre and expect the technicians there to be equipped with anything and everything that your car inspection might need. Failure in maintaining an MOT centre properly can lead to a reduction in the number of customers that visit your centre. From being equipped with the required equipment, if not the latest, needed for conducting MOT tests, to being aware of the latest updates regarding MOT tests should be prerequisites of a legal MOT centre.

DVSA’s top priority is to ensure that a vehicle is safe for driving and is not possibly harmful to drive in the near future. To assure better inspection of your vehicle, a new guide of 15 points has been set out to improve the MOT centres and for better management of these centres.

Issues with the Old Guidelines

One of the reasons for the development of new guidelines is that they were some issues with the old one.

Hard to Access

The data was split across three web pages, which made it hard to access. It was also inaccessible because of the titles that it was under. The guidance could’ve been visible to the people looking just for information on MOT tests. But this made the search that you were actually on the site for, slow; hence, it needed to be changed.

Too Lengthy

The old set of guidelines was approximately 6,500 words, which is too lengthy. Even someone with the ability to read 200 words per minute would take 30 – 35 mins to read the entire thing. Whereas, according to the government, people only prefer to spend 3 mins to 3 mins 30 seconds to read it.

Also, it had 11 downloadable files of data. It was recorded that only 1 out of 12 people downloaded these files, and this ratio needed to be increased. People didn’t prefer to download these files, and this increased a chance of missing a lot of data with the non-downloaded clutter.


The government is very well aware of modernisation and its needs across all sectors. The old set of rules were not enough for the possible modern approaches, and this could reduce the traffic on websites.

What’s the Solution found?

The need to reduce the length was something very important and very keen attention has been paid to this factor. The old guidance has been ripped off of a lot of unnecessary data and reduced to half of its original size, i.e. approx 2,800 words. Now, it is much easier to read, taking about 15 minutes to read the whole set.

The new set has been titled ‘Manage your MOT centre’, to make it easier to search. It has been broken down into five clear areas, which has further been divided into some essential points. From different ways to do quality checks to keep your data updated, DVSA has made it easier to find data about it. The content of the guidelines has been thoroughly updated. The new updated version can be used by both old members of the industry as well as the newcomers.

Feedback Received

The MOT trade user group was asked to analyse the new set of guidelines; over 90% claimed that it was much more accessible, useful, and easy to understand. It was praised for its improved simplicity and a new better structure.

Give Your Feedback

There is a blue bar available at the bottom of the article on the official website. This is where you can give feedback after reading the new guidelines and let them know how to improve them even more.

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