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Why you should prefer renting a car over buying one 

 While public transportation in Qatar is easily accessible, it is still a strenuous task to travel through it. Usually, the temperature in the country averages 38°C  in the daytime. Hence, walking on an open road under the scorching sun can be horrific. 

 To avoid the difficulties and problems which come with public transportation, you can use private transportation. 

 When we say private transportation, most people think we are talking about personal vehicles. But that is not the case as very few people choose to buy a car. A good alternative that has emerged in recent decades is car rental. 

Car rental companies have different plans including monthly car rentals, long-term car rentals and daily car rentals.  

So let’s explore a few benefits of car rentals: 

 Car rental saves time on car maintenances and fixes 

Vehicle fixes and maintenance can be a time-consuming process especially if your vehicle is old. Some people spend hours at the workshop or in the garage. 

When you rent a car from a reputed car rental organisation, you will get many perks including the benefit of car maintenance. Your car rental service provider will pick the car from your house and deliver it to your doorstep. Some companies also provide an alternative car which the consumer can use while their car is getting fixed. 

On the other hand, when you own a car, you have to spend hours maintaining it. And if your car is old, it will give you a hard time even if you maintain it properly. 

The car rental companies have vehicles in pristine condition so the chance of machine failure or any other problem when you are driving is extremely low. When you face a challenge on the road, the company will send you emergency assistance. 

Flexible Contract Conditions 

You should be optimistic about your future. However,  financial conditions can be unpredictable. Let’s say you hired a car and everything was going well. But, suddenly you face a financial crisis. Unlike the typical car purchasing process where you are bound to pay installments each month. In car rentals, you can end the contract whenever you please. 

Not just individual customers but many small and medium-sized organisations also opt for monthly car rental plans who hire corporate cars for their employees. 

You are invulnerable to car depreciation 

Depreciation is a phenomenon in which the assets begin to lose value gradually, especially those which have technological features. 

 The original value of vehicles also reduces over time. An average vehicle will lose 20% of its value after the first 12 months and in the following 4 years. You can expect it to lose 10% every year. And if you are a person who manages vehicles poorly, then you are more vulnerable to devaluation. 

 When you opt for a long-term car rental plan, you won’t lose any money in depreciation because you don’t own the car. Let’s say you rented a car for 6 months. You will only pay the amount that is included in the contract, while the car rental company has to bear the devaluation cost. 

 Drive a different car every month 

The idea of driving the same car for years seems daunting and tedious. After listening to all the above-mentioned advantages of car rental, you may already want to drop the idea of buying a car. 

One of the most stunning highlights of monthly car rentals is the car swapping feature. You can drive the vehicle of your choice every month. In the first month, hit the throttle of a 4×4 SUV, in the second month go for a luxurious sedan and in the third month, choose a convertible.  

The freedom of choosing the type of car is endless. You change the car as your needs change. You can test state-of-the-art technological features.  

Car rentals have already started to dominate the automobile industry. So, next time you think of buying a car, make sure your decision is based on experience and logic. 

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