Dozens of conversations take place in this way:

“Believe me, I swear you’ll like it!”

“No way, I hate running lessons!”

‘Really? I thought I would hate it until I tried! ”

“Yes, but you’re in better shape – I’ve never tried it, but I just know it’s not for me.”

Bad news for people # 2 – The spin classes London is for everyone. Without the weight of the impact, the level and speed that can be adjusted individually, and the entertaining and stimulating atmosphere, the spinning class makes everyone a convert to try it. If one of those reasons is why you didn’t go to the spinning class, I have to hide it from you. They are actually some of the best reasons to try it.

1) “I am not in sufficient shape, I will not follow.”

That is the attitude of someone who gives up before you try – and you are not, at least, you want to try, right? Moreover, the spinning course is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to adjust their training, even if they have difficulty with it. You adjust the resistance level and you kick as fast or as slowly as possible – the ball is really in your field. No one in the class will see if your resistance is low and they won’t mind – shooting is a group session where everyone does their best and focuses on their own body while everyone in the class is supported.

2) “I have sore legs / arms / etc.”

The bend is a good exercise because there are no collisions. You do not work heavily lifting, jumping or complicated. You control your movements better than when you walk! Although you always have to be careful when combining injuries with sports, spinning lessons are generally considered safe and practical. It can also be a good rehabilitation method to safely strengthen and strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the knee.

3) “I don’t know anyone there.”

Perfect! Not only can you refocus on training without making contact with your friends or worrying about what someone thinks, but you can also meet new people with the same interests for friendship. everyone climbed their own Everest in the same room and you can find a good new friend.

4) “I don’t know what to do.”

Nobody knows exactly how to do anything before he does it, but I have good news. Easy bike class! Although they can be physically demanding, you will soon find that technology and rhythm come naturally, and you will be really competent in a short time.

our spin classes London is a huge success. If you are a member and have not yet tried it, check out our class schedule to find out which class is right for you and receive a towel and a bottle of water! If you are not a member but want to know how meridian-spa Health Club can contribute to your lifestyle, talk to our friendly team about membership options.