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It would not be an overstatement to say that Wikipedia is the most important encyclopedia resource in the development of human history. Regardless of being one of the most popular site, it still provides free knowledge. In fact, Wikipedia had made knowledge accessible to every person all across the globe.

Wikipedia prides itself as one of the biggest encyclopedia where anyone can edit. But first, you have to learn some ropes to climb the highest peak. Whatever you post on Wikipedia, it goes through a strict reviewing process and if you miss following any instruction, chances your past can get removed. Count on Wikipedia Editors, they toil hard to publish your page and keep it alive.

Follow the simple steps below to count yourself as one of the Wikipedia editors in no time.

Create an account

The very first thing to do is create a user account. It is not something compulsory to be able to edit, but doing so you will allow you to keep a record of all the editions that you are doing. Wikipedia often bans IPs (public IPs) including VPN users from editing to avoid spam. Creating a Wikipedia page is the easier way to edit articles.

Practice your editing skills

Wikipedia provides every user with a draft box to rehears their editing skills first. Make good use of this feature while you are awaiting confirmation of your account. Since there are many tutorials, the best way to learn editing is to simply copy and paste the code from another published article. It takes just a few hours to get the hang of the entire thing. You can implement this but only for practice.

Time to edit articles

You can start working on almost any article theoretically. But, some of them are going to keep on protected mode. There are a few restrictions, such as only one edit per 24 hours.

It is better to start rehearsing your edits on an article that nobody reads. There is one way to earn respect in the Wikipedia community. That is to edit the articles which people read and which need attention. Then there are articles which need expert attention if you are familiar with the field.

After you are done with the edits, must add an edit summary which briefly defines the changes you have done. Simply publish your page and add a watch it reminder once you done with the short summary.

Quarrel with Other Editors

Once you have published your article, a time comes when other more experienced and higher ranked editors will be willing to improvise your edits. Some of these edits can be a good feedback and helpful for learning purpose, sometimes there can be unpleasant arguments or dispute. The main rule of this situation is to stay polite with the other editors even though they are unconcerned with your suggestions.

Avoiding personal hitting and assuming decent faith is essential. Make sure you obey article rules and polices such as neutral tone of content, no original research and verifiability. Every point you make should be supported by an evidence.

If you ever appreciate that a Wikipedia article is updated with very recent data, it is that someone has taken the trouble to update that data quickly. It is not difficult, you can say that you have collaborated to improve and enlarge the most complete encyclopedia in the world. As you have already seen, it can be a complicated thing, but basically it is not that difficult.

Wikipedia has rules, lots of rules. An obvious one is not to be dishonest. Another is to avoid giving opinions and being faithful to verifiable facts. But it is possible to set up a user account with a nickname that allows you to edit anonymously. However, the use of anonymous accounts to misrepresent or hype are generally recognized and offensive content is often challenged or removed.

What happens when Wikipedia is used for self-promotion?

High-spirited self-promotion is frowned upon by the community and is understood as a conflict of interest. Anyway, as nobody controls the page, soon the information can be contrasted with another less flattering. However, such things are considered as a spam and removed quickly, according to the website.


It wasn’t possible before to collaborate with so many intelligent mindsets to create a knowledge platform that provides knowledge to every person on earth. Wikipedia maintains extremely high standards in the quality of its articles to maintain its reputation. To be an active member of Wikipedia community requires time.


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