If you are looking for good quality tyres, does your selection list have Yokohama in it? If not, then add it up right now. You must have heard the name several times. If not, then probably you are new to tyre brands as Yokohama has a history of heritage.

Don’t worry if you are not aware of any of it. We shall discuss everything from scratch here. So let us know more interesting and important facts about Yokohama Tyres Walsall.

The Start as They Say

The Yokohama Rubber Company Limited is the main company that has two segments of it. The first segment was the one only concerned about tyres.

13th of October, 1917 is that golden day when Yokohama was founded in the Tokyo city of Japan which is still the headquarters. Due to the opening up of Japan to the world, Yokohama Cable Manufacturing joined hands with B. F. Goodrich and founded the company. In the Japanese tongue, the company name would be Yokohama Gomu Kabushiki-Kaisha. The real formation of Yokohama Tyres happens with the expansion of the company to the United States and was named as the Yokohama Tyre Corporation.

On the other hand, the second segment of it was engaged in rubber industrial and engineering goods such as hoses, belts, sheets and even sports equipment.

Development Through the Years

Yokohama has been the foremost Japanese tyre manufacturing company who also acquired the certification of ISO9001 as recognized for quality assurance model company in design, manufacture installation, development and some more related services.

Over the years, they have been making steady development. Starting from making balloon tyres, then making large tyres for heavy vehicles, Tyres Walsall with soft rubber lining, water-shedding tyres and many more. Then they also started to make tyres of synthetic rubber. Around the 1950s, they also started producing tubeless tyres which were a success.

After the 1960s, they developed their production technologies more and became real good suppliers of race car tyres, studded tyres, radial tyres for cars along with the tubeless ones.

In short, this tyre manufacturing company focused on making premium tyres for high-performance cars, passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles etc. While they are business-oriented, they still are dedicated to try and make eco-friendly materials as much as possible.

Different Types of Tyres Available

Yokohama Tyres promises to provide tyres that are durable, fuel-efficient and has an all-season grip which allows comfortable driving without any stress.

Some of the popular tyres are:

AVID Ascend GT: It is a popular choice among people which has a long tread life and is an all-season tyre.

ADVAN FLEVA: It is well-suited for high-performance cars and is capable of good traction on wet roads. Superior handling and noise control are its special qualities.

IceGUARD iG53: It is an amazing winter tyre for any passenger car or mini-vans. It has long tread life, winter traction, superior handling and is extremely fuel-efficient as a car.

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